Laser Etching

Trotec 300Dallas China is pleased to add laser etching to our custom decorating services.  Our Trotec 300 laser can etch crystal, glass, leather, wood and mugs that have been specially prepared for decorating with a laser.

 Custom Etching on:

The Laser can also be used to cut out designs in wood for:

 Laser Etched Items are Perfect for:




Custom Cheese Board was decorated with a hand-written recipe that was scanned in and uploaded to our laser for etching into a bamboo cheeseboard.  Laser etching allows you to turn a hand-written note into a family heirloom.  If you can scan it we can etch it.  Call today for details: 469-930-4009

 From Idea to Finished Product:

Artwork and text is created by the customer or by our art department based on customer's information.


Item to be etched is selected and artwork is sized to fit the area that will be etched with the laser.

Final approved artwork is loaded into job control for the laser and then etched to the surface using controlled bursts of laser energy.

The laser etch is now a permanent decoration that is more durable than an applied decal.  Call us for your special project.  Let us take care of your special projects and gift ideas.







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