Paola Bari -vase or tile students choice

Paola Bari -vase or tile students choice

Cazenovia School 2022 Presents(students choice of tile or vase)

 Paola Bari's class-VASE=pansies are grouped in 3 sections across the entire vase on a luster background which has been applied in a flow technique. Pansies are painted with overglaze color and surrounded by decoration in gold and platinum.
TILE WITH CRANE=8X10 tile is decorated with traditional overglaze colors combined with different lusters for the leaves to create an interesting layer of different textures. Lusters will be applied by sponging. Additional effects with I-relief will be added to the background.

Class Fee $950.00 includes 4 day class, private room, all meals and banquet.
Class size is limited to 10 painters.  
Deposit of $100 is required to reserve seat in class.
You will be sent a registration form with full details by email.



Price: $100.00 Per Deposit

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