Drying Pen Oil


Mix your paint with drying pen oil until you reach the consistency of ink. It should only be thin enough to flow from the pen. Keep in mind that you are using a Drying Medium and that over a period of time evaporation will cause the pen paint to thicken and require that you add a very small amount of Drying Pen Oil to reach the desired consistency of ink.


Loading the pen and application are the same as with any other paint or ink when using a pen point.


Allowing a reasonable amount of time, approximately an hour under normal conditions of heat and humidity, you can now handle the piece without fear of smudging.


Drying Pen Oil is great for the novice painter, it allows you to make your pen paint slightly soupy for easier application and because it dries you do not have to worry about the paint running when you put it in the kiln.



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