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( Does not Include Vase )

Application for the Gold Etch Transfers.  

( You apply them like a decal. )  


This is a 2 Step Process.  


Applying the Transfer to Your Piece  

1st Step  



1.     Pick out the decoration that you intend to apply. Cut it from the sheet entirely.  

2.     Place the transfer in warm water face up. The sheet will roll up and then become flat again in 15/20 seconds.  

3.     Wet the piece with warm water. Remove the transfer from the water. Slide transfer onto piece. DO NOT TURN UPSIDE DOWN, TRANSFER TO PIECE FACE UP!!!!!! Now adjust the transfer to the correct position you want.  

4.     Eliminate any excess water and air bubbles from the piece using a paper towel.  

5.     Let the piece dry for 24 hours at room temperature. The piece will then be ready to fire.  



Firing Steps

2nd Step  


1. Do not cut the border   lines on designs they will fire out to be Bright Gold.  


2. You will apply the transfer to your porcelain piece and fire to a cone 018.  


3. After you have fired your piece the first time it will come out a yellow and the border will be a Bright Gold look. Then you will apply liquid bright gold over the transfer and fire again to a cone 018.


Price: $6.95

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